Systemic Self-Integration

A new method was born:

the “systemic self-integration“.

This extended form of family constellation makes the client aware of his early conditioning. The symbolic level of the constellation creates the “stage” on which this pattern becomes visible and can be resolved through targeted interventions.

Step by step, the client recognizes whether he/she feels responsible in the other’s room – which roles he/she has taken on for him – or whether he/she has “made his own room available” to the other – and so given the other a role in his/her own room (introject). One step to the next he/she becomes aware of these confusing aspects and can resolve them.

In the ritual of demarcation he/she learns to use his/her strength for himself/herself in order to keep at a distance what does not belong to his/her identity.
This concept modifies and extends traditional family constellations. It is simple and has an intense effect, even with trauma. Further formats have emerged from this: demarcation from family fate, dogma and solution, problem as the key to the solution.

The concept includes aspects of other therapy concepts: gestalt therapy, behavior therapy, depth psychologically oriented therapy. It is therefore compatible with these concepts.