Feedback on self-therapy

I believe your website saved my life. I have been working intensively on myself for many years, prior to therapies etc. since I was 18 years old. I’m 39 today.
I developed anxiety when I was 18 and, despite all the therapies, everything kept getting worse.

Until finally, a few years ago, I could not leave my apartment because I was just weak, powerless and feared to death almost continuously.
I then worked on myself using energetic methods. ZPoint, TAT, and the Mace Method recently brought me freedom from fear, but not my freedom.

I moved away from my mother’s city a year ago, but I still didn’t feel free, there was no progress and I always ended up working through my topics, with the topic: I have to share everything, I’m never alone, etc.

And yesterday, while surfing for Symbiosis, I found this page, the “DO IT YOURSELF”. I read through the description and immediately did the exercise of sending my mother out of my inner space powerfully and actively and I feel like newborn.

My strength comes back to me, it’s amazing. I could just giggle madly because it is so much fun to actively send them away and to feel my strength again 🙂

I could never explain to myself before what was happening to me, what exactly it is. Cutting off, cutting off the cord, etc. I knew the words, but that didn’t help me much. There was always this weakness, in the mind, in the body, brrr.

Only now has it really clicked and after just 1 day I feel like going back to my life, being active and enjoying life, it’s indescribable.

I stay tuned!