Family constellations

In the “classic” family constellation according to Hellinger the client can see the faults of the “family system”. Through the constellation he recognizes that he/she is “standing in the place” of a burdened ancestor, that he/she was “identified” with this person. His/her problem arose from the fact that he/she was more determined by the fate of the deceased than by his/her own “self”. According to Hellinger, the solution for him/her is to bow down to this person and “give him a place in his/her heart“.

As a psychiatrist, I made the experience that family constellation “according to Hellinger” does not help some of my very stressed clients. On the one hand, because the “rejection of the system of the individual” associated with identification is ignored and remains unsolved. In addition, the request to “take the fate of the ancestor into one’s own heart” did not result in a demarcation from this fate, but on the contrary, the internalization as an “introject”.
So I started to experiment with the method and began to research and solve the rejections of the “system of the individual”. For this it was necessary to additionally set up a representative for the unique and independent “self” of the client.