Dr. med. Ero Langlotz

Systemtherapeut Ero Langlotz München

Dr. med. Ero Langlotz

Systemic psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Since 1976 working in his own practice in Munich.

My way

As a psychiatrist, I have learned to recognize the patient’s pathological and deficit issues and then to make a diagnosis.
However, all too quickly, it can happen that a doctor identifies the patient with this diagnosis – an artifact! – and causes him to identify with it as well.
Since the client does not understand himself and tends to adapt to others, he has no other option than adapting the view of the psychiatrist he is depending on.
This is what we call compliance!
Dissatisfied with this type of psychiatry, I was looking for holistic therapy concepts that are not deficit-oriented and I came across: Karlfried Dürckheim – Initiatic Therapy – and Arnold Mindell – Process-oriented Psychotherapy and Systemic Therapy.


And I met Bert Hellinger.
I owe him a lot. Through him I got to know family constellations, the force of intergenerational entanglements. I have been integrating the system constellations into my therapeutic practice since 1994. The peculiarities of my psychiatric clientele led me to try out new solution strategies. I also dealt intensively with shamanic rituals. This has lastingly changed my view of illness and health, of life and death – but also my style of constellation.

schamanische rituale trommel roseShamans have a simple but holistic and value-free understanding of illness: They understand illness as the lack of something that belongs to you and / or as the presence of something that does not belong to you (“occupation”). Healing therefore means: reconnecting with what is missing and separating from that which does not belong to you.

Rituals are symbolic acts. Since they involve the body, they have a direct effect on the patterns stored in the body (the unconscious).

With the instruments of systemic constellations and the shamanic understanding of illness, I learned in a completely new way to perceive the symbiotic patterns, the tendency to merging (co-dependence) and finally to self-alienation as a basic disorder. It became more and more important to me to support my clients in finding themselves, their identity and their autonomy.
In many ways I was no longer able to follow Bert Hellinger. Our ways parted.

The method of SYSTEMIC SELF-INTEGRATION was born >>